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Short Stories for Kids is a storytelling podcast going out three times a week, where kids get to be the hero in their own adventure!
You submit the idea and we bring it to life, in your very own personalised story!
Our goal is to aid your child's imaginative and creative skills as they listen to our inventive stories and give them a respite from screens. We keep your children entertained on car rides, downtime and before bed. 

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Short Stories for Kids podcast was something Lucy had been wanting to produce for a while. After telling hundreds of bedtime stories to all the children she had looked after over the years and seeing the reactions on their faces when she did all the voices of the characters, Lucy decided to share her story telling talent on a wider scale!


Now thousands of children all over the world, all ages, can listen to Lucy telling them magical adventure stories! And with an extensive library of over 250 different stories to choose from and listen to as many times as they wish, there's never a reason to be bored again! 


Kids choose the ideas


What makes our podcast so special is that the children can send in their own story ideas, and these are made in to the most wonderful adventures making them the heroes of their very own story! 







Less screen time


Less screen time means more time participating in a creative shared experience that is safe and fun for all ages. This is a podcast for children and families where they can listen together and enjoy the stories, allowing their imagination to soar!


Any Time!


Perfect for road trips, school runs, down time, bath time and bed time. These stories will keep your family entertained whatever the time of day! 


Positive messages


All our stories end with a positive message and teach good values such as kindness, team work and helping others. All told in a fun and animated way that's easy to relate to.




Many of our stories take place in countries all over the world including France, Africa, Australia, Spain, Canada, the UK and many more. Many of our stories give well researched facts about animals, science, wildlife and astrology. So, as well as being entertained, kids can also learn some interesting facts. 

Wonderful, we listen to it every day
"Our daughter Naya loves your stories and listens to them in our road trips and now every time we are in the car. She loves the adventures and creativity"  


Magical stories told with love
"These stories are so wonderful! They pass the time and fill us with joy, especially this time of year. Thank you for your time and efforts here. "  


I love this Podcast
"I love this podcast so much it helps me go to bed. You do a really great job."  


We love your stories, Lucy!
"Hi Lucy! My name is Miya, I’m 5 years old, and live in Brooklyn, NY. My family and I love listening to your stories when we are on long drives on the weekends. We’ve listened to them all! "  

Shelly weingar10

Love your Podcast!
"My son loves your podcast! He listens to them nonstop in the car and when it’s time for quiet time and bed time. We have listened to each story between 3-5 times!"  


My son loves these stories!!
"Thank you so much for creating my son, Robert’s, lego story for his birthday! He was SO EXCITED!! It was also an awesome story! ♥️"  

Sand dollar

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