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Hey Guys! Welcome to Short stories for Kids! I'm Lucy, and Simon and I will turn your ideas in to a short story every week! We upload a new story every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. So to be in with a chance of being in one of them, leave your story suggestions in your review.


See you soon, gang! 😊


Lucy has over 15 years experience working with children as a teaching assistant for special needs kids and as a nanny for many different families over the years.


Lucy is also a professional Voice Actor and loves nothing more than telling these stories and using her range of skills to bring these different characters to life!


Lucy's favourite thing to do is volunteer at an Animal Sanctuary where she looks after a rescue pony called Elvis and a Donkey called Jasper. She also feeds the chickens, rabbits, guineapigs, cats and a lovely talkative parrot called Mooney. 


One day Lucy hopes to run her own animal sanctuary in the countryside. 


Lucy is also a singer and songwriter and loves to write and record songs when she's not recording the podcast. 

Simon has been creating children’s books since leaving full-time education. He’s the illustrator of forty different titles, of which twelve he is also the author. His stories have appeared on the BBC, and been published in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Italy.


When not creating children’s books, Simon works as a graphic designer and illustrator for child and family-based visitor attractions and restaurants, as well in the education sector. You can see his work, and his books, at


But his favourite job is writing the stories for this podcast. He loves the challenge of turning a child’s idea into a fully formed fun-filled tale. And he hopes you like them too.

Great for car rides
"These stories are so great for long car rides! We love them and my son asks for them all the time."  

Rockettes Goer


So fun and creative!
"We’ve just discovered your stories and they are perfect for our 30 min drive to and from school!"

Jess Eddy 27

Harper loves this!

"We have a long commute in the morning and this has been our go to since we found it. We’re currently on our 3rd listen of the stories."

Harper Mermaid

We love you!

"This is our son's absolute favourite kids podcast! We listen to your stories every day on the way to school and before bed.
The stories are funny, imaginative and heart warming.
Thank you for making our days that much brighter 😊 "

Emma Strange buds

So fun and creative!
"My son Shayden (5) loves to be read to, and gets frustrated when we have to drive somewhere and he can’t read/have help reading.
 We found this podcast and he gets very engaged and can’t wait to hear what happens in the story! Very engaging for kids!"


Great podcast!

"This is one of the best podcasts around. My two boys love listening to it throughout the whole day. It captures the attention of my 6 year old and 3 year old. We listen to it during car rides, snack time, coloring time, and even when falling asleep at night!"


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